Merck Animal Health
Boxmeer (NL)
May 2013 – current

Branch: Pharmaceuticals

Project: Barcoding project introducing RF scanners in production plant in Igoville (FR). De pick lists on paper and existing manual procedures are replaced by handheld terminals for a more efficient process (10-15%) and less picking errors.

Role: SAP consultant WM
As consultant responsible for creating blueprint, demonstrating RF functionality, configuration, specifying custom developments, testing, training of key-users and implementation. In addition several improvement points were realized in the process Supply to Production.

(part of Royal Wessanen)
Harderwijk (NL)
Dec 2012 – May 2013

Branch: Food

Project: Divide company into two companies using one SAP warehouse

Role: SAP consultant MM/WM
The existing logistic processes; from forecasting, purchasing, internal replenishment till customer delivery have been updated to support splitting the company.
Performed activities: creating blueprint, MM/WM configuration, loading master data, testing and training of key-users including go-live support.

(part of Royal Wessanen)
Amsterdam, Drebber (DE)
May 2012 – May 2013

Branch: Food

Project: Implementation Allos (biological food) including production and sales plants.
This project contained two productions locations, an internal production warehouse and an external sales warehouse with EDI interfaces.

Role: SAP team lead Logistics (MM/WM/PP/QM)
Wessanen template is extended with production functionality (PPPI).
As team lead responsible for forecasting and quality functionality including sampling and Usage Decision processes. Together with 3 team members the blueprint, configuration, testing, documentation and training was done.

(part of Royal Wessanen)
Utrecht, Paris (FR)
Apr 2011 – Jan 2012

Branch: Food

Project: Implementation Bonneterre, supplier of biological food to consumer shops.
Keywords of project: Short and long shelf life products stored in cooling, freeze and ambient temperature warehouse areas, extremely critical purchase planning and flexible transport planning.

Role: SAP team leader Logistics (MM/WM)
The product assortment and the versatility of products resulted in complex implementation: picking of ‘variable weight’ products (cheese/meat/fish), more efficient picking by combining customer orders, short preparation time between customer order and transport.
WM with Handling Unit Management (HUM), MRP with fixed order days per product / supplier, MRP including expiry date information of current stock.

(part of Royal Wessanen)
Harderwijk (NL)
Dec 2008 – Dec 2010

Branch: Food

Project: SAP implementation replacing warehouse management and ERP legacy system.
Warehouse operation with two shifts (about 20.000 order lines per day) with optimized processes also implemented in new SAP system.

Role: SAP team lead Logistics (MM/WM/QM)
Responsible for all warehouse processes and integration of logistic processes.
Configuration MM/WM/QM, training, documentation, data migration, acceptation test en go-live support.
Keywords: batch management, MRP incl. shelf life of current stock, internal replenishment (WM), Handling Unit Management, RF terminals.

Kalisterra & Distriborg France
(part of Royal Wessanen)
Lyon (FR)
Sep 2008 – Jul 2010

Branch: Food

Project: SAP Implementation replacing legacy system with introducing of template EDI interfaces to external Logistic Service Providers (LSP).

Role: SAP team lead Logistics (MM/WM)
Responsible for purchasing and planning processes and integration. Keywords: Excise duty, purchase pricing procedures/taxes, sub-contracting, Idoc processing, Handling Unit Management.

Wessanen NL
Utrecht (NL)
Mar 2007 – Jun 2008

Branch: Food

Project: SAP template project (greenfield)
Wessanen Template definition and roll out MM/SD/FI/QM with EDI interfaces to external LSP.

Role: SAP team lead Logistics (MM/QM)
Creating new documentation structure for implemented processes, configuration and tests.
Keywords: SAP template definition for MM/LES/QM, tracking & tracing, batch management.

Intervet S.A.
Angers (FR)
Jun 2006 – Feb 2007

Branch: Pharmaceuticals

Project: Implementation Intervet S.A.
Sales organization with medium size warehouse

Role: SAP consultant MM/QM
Configuration of purchasing, planning, warehouse (IM) and quality processes. Conducting key-user training, writing of test and validation documents to comply with GxP and FDA requirements, data migration and go-live support.

Intervet International BV
Boxmeer (NL)
Aug 2005 – Jan 2006

Branch: Pharmaceuticals

Project: SAP Implementation replacing custom developed legacy system
The head office of Intervet is the most complex organization with multiple production and sales locations.

Role: SAP consultant MM/WM
As internal employee responsible for correct usage of the SAP template functionality MM/WM. Configuration of MM/WM and EH&S functionality. Executing functional and integration tests, data migration and go-live support.
Keywords: batch management, track & tracing, serialization, returnable packaging.

Intervet Germany
Unterschliessheim (DE)
Feb 2005 – Jul 2005

Branch: Pharmaceuticals

Project: SAP implementation Intervet Germany

Role: SAP consultant MM/WM
Template custodian for master data, purchasing and warehouse processes. Co-configuration MM and WM, data migration, tests and go-live support.

Intervet Inc.
Millsboro (USA)
May 2004 – Jan 2005

Branch: Pharmaceuticals

Project: SAP implementation Intervet Inc.

Role: SAP consultant MM/WM
Supporting external consultants during the complete roll out project, mainly configuration, tests, data migration, training and go-live support.

Intervet (AkzoNobel)
Boxmeer (NL)
Jan 2003 – Apr 2004

Branch: Pharmaceuticals

Project: Global Template definition project
Collection system requirements and standardizing of business processes for 7 countries participating in the Atlas project.

Role: Team member MME (Material Management & Execution)
Defining and configuring of SAP standard processes for material management, purchasing and warehousing.

Intervet (AkzoNobel)
Boxmeer (NL)
May 1997 – Dec 2002

Branch: Pharmaceuticals

Oracle developer and module coordinator for purchasing and inventory management
CCE Automatisering
Eindhoven (NL)
Nov 1994 – Apr 1997

Branch: Government

Oracle programmer for government civilian registration system.